Saturday, September 21, 2013

new aceo xr art! :)

hi everyone! here are my newest aceo xr original paintings!
enjoy the art!

sexy naughty bettie page aceo xr catgirl pinup set

aceo xr sexy sweet blonde angel girl rose by sofianime

aceo xr vampirella in red thong by sofianime sketch card psc free shipping

aceo xr cute blonde angel nude woman wink by sofianime

sexy nude blonde woman aceo xr original watercolor painting

cute nude blonde woman pink rose petals aceo xr by sofianime

aceo xr raw ink girl sexy red lips by sofianime

the really naughty nuuuuude art is here: 

Sofianime Aceo XR Auctions    

Join us at if you create nude art! 

This is a fun forum where you can show your newest art for sale! 

I am finishing painting the island dreams 3 sketch cards and working on larger illustrations this week. Will show more soon! :) And I will need to catch up on sleep too! :) 

Enjoy the art and have a great weekend, everyone! :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

new Aceo XR fun art by Sofianime! :) and mermaid painting preview!

Hello fans! I have new sexy fun Aceo XR art listed!
Click on the links to see the juicy art!

Aceo XR Nude Sexy Vampirella Original Sketch Card Watercolor Painting by Sofianime

Aceo XR Cheetara Nude Thundercats by Sofianime Original Cartoon Painting NSFW 

Aceo XR Nude Red Head Woman Rose Bouquet by Sofianime Original Watercolor Painting 

Aceo XR Bettie Page Sketch Card Nude Leather Fetish Painting by Sofianime 

Aceo Amethyst Mermaid Blue Sea Roses Original Painting Sofianime Mrmd 

Aceo XR Bushy Monika Red Head Woman by Sofianime NSFW 

Aceo XR Chun Li Nude Street Fighter Original Fanart by Sofianime NSFW 

Aceo XR Sexy Nude Blonde Smile Woman Sofianime 

Aceo XR Nude Blonde Woman Big Melons Sofianime NSFW 

Aceo XR Sexy Nude Woman Blonde Fishnet Bodysuit Painting NSFW 

Aceo XR Sexy Nude Woman Cursed Mummy Hunter Sofianime NSFW 

Aceo XR Psylocke X-men Sketch Card Sexy Nude Sofianime 

Aceo XR Sexy Nude Blonde Mermaid Sofianime 

 Aceo XR Sexy Nude Red Head Woman Sofianime 

Aceo XR Nude Redhead Woman Rose wedding Bouquet Sofianime NSFW 

Aceo XR Sexy Nude Blonde Woman Tasty Vanilla Ice Cream Sofianime 

As always, thank you so much, my fans for loving the Aceo XR paintings! I have so much fun painting the art! Please enjoy collecting them very much! Wait until you own the Aceo cards and hold them in your hands... you are going to love all the little details in every painting! :)

I just finished working on Beyond Stoker's Dracula Sketch Cards. Can't wait to show them soon! :)

This week I am working on the island dreams 3 sketch cards and the larger 4x6 inch cards. Here is a quick preview of the pencils and inks. I am having a lot of fun, listening to my favorite anime and videogame music as I paint these!
Pencil Sketch Preview for island Dreams 3 by Sofianime

Just sharing these two photos so you can see the pencil lines, and then the ink lines I drew on the art. Penciling the art usually takes me one to two hours, to get the idea on paper. Then I carefully ink the image, where it can take me two or more hours, to make the ink lines look good! :)

And here is the second painting work in progress:

This one I penciled and inked in sections, adding details here and there, as inspiration strikes me, to make it into a very pretty painting. I like working from front to back of the image, adding details, and some of my favorite symbols and images into the art.

Still a work in progress. I will show more soon. Usually the biggest challenge I have after inking the mermaid art is, what colors to use for the painting? that is when I start listening to my favorite anime and video game music that I get inspired and the fun colors flow from my imagination to the painting.

Ok, I need to get back to the drawing board and continue working on these paintings! :)

Have a great weekend, everyone! Enjoy the art and see you all soon!

~Elisa Chong :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Slash and Aerosmith fanart by Elisa Chong for auctions!

Hi everyone! two of my original fanart paintings are up for auction on ebay for a very good cause!

The paintings were created for the charity.

Slash and Steve Tyler from Aerosmith were and still are some of my most favorite artists to listen to. I been listening to their awesome music since the 1990's! Remember all the fun MTV videos? Those were some good old days! :) Keep on rocking!

Get these awesome paintings before they are gone!

These paintings were created with pencil, waterproof inks, colorful watercolor paints and glitter gel paints. They look even more colorful and detailed when held in your hands! More than six hours went into creating each one of these paintings.

Here is a quick preview of the pencil and ink sketch that started the 8x10 inch  paintings:

And here is the finished paintings in full color:

Please enjoy the art very much!

Want to check out more of my new art? check out enjoy!

I also have an Original Witchblade Personal Sketch Card listed on Ebay
to find my newest auction listings online, search: sexyartgirl on ebay or google me: Sofianime

Enjoy the art! :)

I need to get back to the drawing board. I am finishing up sketch card art for Beyond Stoker's Dracula for , Moonshine Missies and Island Dreams 3 art for Island Dreams Sketchcards.
I am going to need more iced green tea with lemon, to stay awake and paint for hours nonstop! :)

I am also listening to fun anime music while painting almost ten hours nonstop! I have a lot of art that needs to be finished. :)
This song is from one of my most favorite anime series: Cowboy bebop. I love listening to fun music while I paint for many hours. I am also enjoying croissant sandwiches with ripe tomatoes and onion... and marinated artichokes!

Ok, have an awesome day, everyone! see you all soon! I will have some new art to show in my next blog post, so stay tuned!
~Elisa Chong :)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Contemporary Pinup Puzzle Jam sketch cards by Sofianime!

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to show you my newest sketch cards for Ken Galan's Contemporary Pinup Puzzle Jam set!

The way this set works is, the art on the sketch cards are created by two different artists on one card.
Here are my half of the cards. The other half is painted by another awesome artist on this set.

I had a blast working on this set. It was a lot of fun!

Each one of the cards I did took me a bit over four hours to sketch the idea on the card, clean up the drawing lines, ink and paint with layers and layers of watercolors.

 It was a labor of love, and I had so much fun working on these sketch cards!
And the best part is, this set is already sold out!

So to the lucky fans who get these cards, please enjoy them very much! :) I am very happy with how they turned out!

And yes, the art for this set is really nude. I had to censor it for this blog. :)

Want to see my newest Aceo XR and fun colorful sketch cards?

They are available at:

You will not find my newest Aceo XR online anywhere else!

Get some of the aceo xr art for your art collection, before they are gone!
These original aceo cards look more colorful and detailed when held up close in your hands!

I need to get back to the drawing board. I am working on a new sketch card set for, which means I am drawing some sexy vampires for this set. :)
I will show previews later, once the cards are approved.

I am listening to some of my favorite videogame music from the Namco sound team as I paint sketch cards.
My favorite song right now is:

I love listening to fun music while I paint with colorful watercolors. :)

Once again, thank you so much to all of my fans all over the world! Thank you so much for your purchases! Your art has been shipped, so enjoy it very much! Thank you for your emails and messages, I love chatting with you all when I have a chance from painting too much! :)

Thank you for your support and check back often, I have more new art to show!
Have an awesome week! talk to you all soon! :)
~Elisa Chong

Monday, June 24, 2013

Check out the new fun Aceo XR art! :)

Hi everyone! did you miss me?
I have been super busy, working on a lot of commissioned art, new mermaid paintings and new sketch cards too! I am so happy to be in my studio, with the air conditioner on, away from the Arizona summer heat,
working on a lot of new art, and listening to fun techno music! :)

<---- a="" facebook="" fans="" for="" have="" href="" i="" my="" target="_blank" this="">cute catgirl original aceo on sale!
own her today!

Click the links to see my new Aceo XR art!

aceo xr sexy fun burlesque stripper nude blonde woman Sofianime

aceo xr sexy nude blonde woman fun pearls sofianime

aceo xr sexy nude blonde woman big melons Sofianime

aceo xr nude psylocke x-men sketch card Sofianime 1/1

Aceo sexy bellydancer mermaid ruby red sofianime

Even more Aceo XR art is here! Click the links below!

Aceo XR naughty spider woman original painting sofianime

Aceo XR nude blonde woman bound sofianime

Aceo XR sexy nude Bettie Page original painting sofianime

Aceo XR sexy nude Vampirella original painting sofianime

Aceo XR sexy nude Cheetara Thundercats original painting sofianime

Enjoy the new Aceo XR art! Have an awesome summer! I will see you all soon with more new art!
~Elisa :)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Aceo XR and Vampirella original art by Sofianime!

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to share my newest listings with you all. I have been super busy working on large paintings this month, and other fun secret projects. :)
Will reveal more soon!
For now, please enjoy the new art!
I also have sexy pinup beer refrigerator magnets! Be sure to add them to your collection before they are gone!

Click on the links to see all the fun new aceo original art and more! 

Enjoy the art! ;)

Jasmine Hugs Fairy Limited Edition Aceo by Elisa Chong

Mermaid Mother Hugs Child Daughter Limited Edition Aceo by Elisa Chong  

Cute Mermaid AquaMarinna Pink Rose Limited Edition Aceo 

Aceo XR Redhead Woman Nude Vanilla Cream Splash by Sofianime 

Aceo XR Raw Ink Black Nude Woman Sketch Card by Sofianime  

 Pretty Smile Pink Blonde Mermaid Aceo Mrmd By Elisa Chong 

Cleopatra Egyptian Queen mermaid Raw Ink Black Postcard by Elisa Chong 

Aceo XR Original Watercolor Sexy Nude Jasmine Fairy Woman by Sofianime  

Aceo XR Gothic Dark Ink Vampire mermaid Mrmd Wine Glass by Sofianime 

Cute Shy Mermaid By the Sea Pencil Drawing Sketch Mrmd by Elisa Chong 

Sexy Nude Bettie Page Beer Refrigerator Magnet by Sofianime

Sexy Gothic Vampire Mermaid Beer Refrigerator Magnet Mrmd by Elisa Chong 

Sexy Rainbow Butterfly Wing Woman Rose Beer Refrigerator Magnet by Sofianime 

Aceo XR Sexy Blonde Woman Bubble Bath Duck Original Painting by Sofianime 

Aceo XR Sexy Mary Jane Spiderman Sketch Card by Elisa Chong 

Aceo XR Cute Manga Vampirella Sketch Card by Elisa Chong 

Aceo XR Sexy Nude Woman Love Heart Vanilla Cupcake by Sofianime 

Aceo XR Sexy Blonde Angel Girl Nude Watercolor Painting by Sofianime 

Aceo XR Nude Woman Raw Black Ink Red Nipple Pierching Art Nouveau by Sofianime 

And click here to see my most naughty Aceo XR original paintings! 

(These are not available in stores or anywhere else online! Only here! Own them before they are gone! They look even better when help up close in your hands! )

That's it for this week.  Going to take a break and have fun in the kitchen, cooking up some of my delicious favorite recipes: arepas con queso, spiced meatballs, a Russian potato salad, caribbean style cole slaw and mango-ritas. You know that when I am not painting I will be having fun in the kitchen too! :)

Have fun browsing through the new art, have an awesome weekend and I will see you all soon!
~Elisa Chong :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Aceo XR nude original art!

Hi everyone! hew aceo XR has been listed!
check this sexy Aceo XR blonde woman with white boots! click on the link to see the boobs...

Aceo XR Nude blonde woman fairy original watercolor painting 

Aceo XR Sexy Love Bunny Girl Anthro Manga by Sofianime

Mernaid Aquamarinna Watercolor Canvas 

Aceo XR Bettie Page Limited Edition Cards (get them before they are sold out!)

Sexy Mistress Bettie Page beer magnet Bdsm Naughty

Aceo XR Sexy Red Head Woman Nude Vanilla Cream Splash 
A very naughty original Aceo watercolor painting!
Add her to your collection today!

I have even more original Aceo XR paintings (these are really naughty!)  

listed on

Remember, I will be most happy to ship anywhere in the world!

Enjoy the art, and get some Aceo XR by Sofianime before they are all gone! :)
To my fabulous fans all over the world, thank you so much for collecting my art! I love you all!

~Elisa :)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Vintage Mermaid Poster Original Painting by Elisa Chong

Hi everyone! I finally have a chance to update my blog and to show you a new mermaid painting!

 This mermaid painting was created for the Namta international art show in Minneapolis, as part of Chartpack's display booth.

Celebrating 100 years of Clearprint, the idea they wanted me to paint was a mermaid, in a vintage style for this poster, using Clearprint Vellum paper. It will be displayed in a clear frame, think of putting two pieces of glass to hold the poster together. And light will be lighting the poster from behind. Think of a paper lantern look for how the art will be shown.

 I did not do any preliminary sketches for this vintage mermaid poster painting. I just picked up my mechanical pencil and started doodling on the Clearprint Vellum bristol board.

Clearprint Vellum Bristol reminds me of the papyrus used in ancient Egypt, but it is a bit more transparent and smooth to the touch. The texture is like a thick wax paper, and delicately soft at the same time. It is soft and silky to the touch, and works great with pencils, inks, watercolors and other art materials.

This poster was about 30 x 40 inches in size. Pretty big! I had a seven day deadline. It took me seven days to complete, ten hours a day, from the original pencil drawing to the layers and layers of colorful Higgins inks I used. I was on a tight deadline, and I am so glad I made it in time and shipped it back by UPS, just in time for the show.

I never do preliminary sketches when I paint. I just grab my  mechanical pencil and start doodling lines until the image I want ends up on the paper. I just let my imagination flow to come up with a beautiful painting.

 I was going to ink the entire image using Koh-I-Noor ink pens, before painting it, as I usually do in my unique style, but I did not have enough time due to the deadline. So I decided to use my other style of pencil and colorful inks.

I was on a tight deadline. I was able to finish painting it in seven days, and ship it back to Chartpak so they can get it ready for the show.

I imagined drawing a pretty little mermaid in vintage style, sitting in a surreal scene, in the depths of the crystal blue seas, surrounded by fragrant red roses that grow under the sea!

She is wearing a pretty sea shell halter top, adorned with pearls and jewels. There are colorful seaweed surrounding her, as she enjoys taking a break from swimming. She loves it when the gentle movement of the sea waves plays with her silky soft long hair.

Koh-I-Noor rapidograph pens

 I love using Koh-I-Noor inks to make my paintings stand out. I love their waterproof inks on paper and film. I apply them to my drawings, before I add layers and layers of watercolors.

I have been using Koh-I-Noor pens for over more than ten years in my artwork. Coming from an 2d animation background, this is my most favorite inking pen to use. It gives the the most vibrant and smoothest ink lines in my art.
 I used energized flowing lines when applying the colorful Higgins ink, with my paint brush, with long brush strokes. I love how vibrant the Higgins inks are! And they glide smoothly over the paper. They act like liquid watercolors. A lot of fun to play with! And you can layer the colors to create a different color.

Did you know they are fade proof? Specially the lemon yellow color, it is very brilliant! The entire poster was painted with colorful Higgins inks. To stay with the vintage mermaid art theme, I chose to use blues, greens,purples, pinks, yellow and orange, to give it a not too colorful look. I had fun playing and mixing all the colors used for this painting. Drying time for the inks was not bad at all. And once they are dry, the colors are very vibrant.

One thing to watch out for is, the Higgins inks will stain your clothes, so be sure to wear an apron, and latex gloves, so you don't mess up your favorite shirts and your hands. But be sure to have fun with these colorful inks, I love using them to paint my mermaids with them. They turn out so fun and colorful!

After the colored ink was applied and completely dry on the paper, I went back with a kneaded eraser to clean up some of the pencil lines to bring out the white areas in the painting.
I added brown ink to her eye lids and eye lashes, to make her look a bit prettier.

Since this poster was very large, and the Clearprint Vellum paper tends to curl up a little bit, I was afraid of  wrinkling or creasing the paper too much if I laid it on a table and painted over it, so I had to put it on a large clip board, on an easel and paint it stading up.

I found out This is a good way to loose weight, by painting while standing up for hours. I did burn some calories while creating this painting, so it's all good. I usually paint sitting down on a drawing table. I was listening to my favorite electronic music by Paul Van Dyk and the Namco sound team in my Ipod while I worked on this painting. I love to have fun when I create my art, and I am pretty happy with how this vintage mermaid painting turned out!

Check out Higgins inks facebook page for more information about their fabulous colorful inks!

I really like the Clearprint vellum paper. It is thin enough to be rolled up and  placed in a tube for mailing. And you can use it with clear glass frames, or large toploaders and display the art almost like a stained glass painting!

I can't wait to see how this vintage mermaid poster sized painting looks in a clear frame and illuminated with lights!   Suddenly I am thinking of colorful glass paintings!

Clearprint Vellum paper works great with Higgins inks and Grumbacher watercolors! This paper has a delicate texture that reminds me of the papyrus used in ancient Egypt. I am going to use Clearprint Vellum in my new paintings. Love how the art turns out on it! Can't wait to try it for my watercolor Aceo paintings!

For more information, check out the Clearprint facebook page!

I suggest you try getting some Clearprint Vellum paper and try it for yourself for your drawings, illustrations or paintings! It works great with watercolors, pencils, markers and Higgins inks too!

Here is a photo of the painting on the left, already mounted in a clear frame and ready for the NAMTA show. I hope everyone enjoys this painting! I truly had a lot of fun creating it!

Thank you so much, Chartpak inc, Jen and Higgins for this awesome opportunity! I had so much fun creating this painting! Be sure to check it out in person at the NAMTA show!  There is so much detail the  camera did not pick up. It looks even more detailed and colorful when seen in person!

Fans, would you be interested in prints of this painting? Just let me know!
I am super busy this month working on a few sketch card sets and some art for a charity auction. And some new mermaid paintings too.

Coming soon: new sketch card art by yours truly for Moonshine Missies and Island Dreams 3 by Marty and Boo cards! Once the art is approved I will be showing them here.

For now, enjoy my newest art I created for Sketchfest:
Sofianime Original Sketchfest Art

Click Here for New Aceo XR Art! 

 Have a great day, everyone! enjoy the art and check back soon for the new aceo art and nw paintings!
Sending much love to you all! :)

~Elisa Chong

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Aceo XR art listings by Sofianime! :)

Hi everyone!
 I have been super busy painting a lot of mermaid original aceos in watercolors, and new Aceo XR art too. They are selling fast, so I need to create more for my awesome fans and art collectors all over the world to enjoy. :)

 Thank you so much once again for being so awesome and supporting my art. You all are the best!

Now go check out all the new art. I have over 200 items listed and more on the way. So bookmark this page, because I will be adding more art here very soon!
Now, onto the new art:

Aceo XR original new paintings:

Blonde Nude girl with juicy melons!

Shy nude blonde angel girl

Nude Woman Raw Ink Tattoo Art Aceo XR by Sofianime

Sexy Vampirella Red Thong Nude Sketch Card by Sofianime

Blonde Nude Cute Girl with Big Boobs Hentai Aceo XR

Nude Blonde Woman Hentai Anime Aceo XR

Sexy Slave Girl Nude Olivia Aceo XR Sofianime

Sexy Red Love Bunny Burlesque Anthro Furry Hentai Art

Cute Nude Blonde Angel Butt Aceo XR by Sofianime

Sexy Nude Blonde Woman Pink Thong Aceo XR by Sofianime

Psc Original Watercolor Sketch Cards by Sofianime

Sexy Witchblade Original Watercolor Sketch Card Psc by Sofianime 1/1

X-men White Queen Sketch Card Sexy Lingerie Aceo XR by Sofianime

New mermaid original aceo painting starting at $10.88!

Cute Pink Mermaid Original Aceo Mrmd Sofianime

Be sure to check out my really naughty, nude and sexy hentai anime and fetish original Aceo XR paintings exclusively at my new store here:
Aceo XR by Sofianime Store

Enjoy the art! Add them to your art collection today! Before they are gone! 
I need to get back to the drawing board and finish a lot of commissions and projects. Have a fabulous day! See you all soon!

~Sofianime :) 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What is Aceo XR by Sofianime?

Blonde girl with juicy melons!

Aceo XR by Sofianime?

I had a lot of fans who asked me what Aceo XR means. These are the Aceos that have nude, sexy, fun, naughty, fetish and erotic art content in them.

Some can be pin-ups, some can be nude fanart of comic book or video game characters, even cartoons or anime characters.

It started on Ebay and now can be found everywhere online.
They are fun and addictive to create and to collect.

Fans all over the world love this type of art.
Just google the words ACEO XR online, and see all the results you get.

Sofianime is yours truly. This is the nickname I am known for online,
since I started showing my art online as a fan artist in, way back in 1998.

The Aceo XR art I create, are inspired by my fun and overactive imagination.
And some are also created thanks to my friend M.
Have you ever had a friend who clicks with you and you both have naughty minds
and you can talk about anything?  Thanks to M, we brainstorm and come up with
so many fun ideas that I end up turning into fun Aceo XR paintings.
Thank you M, love your fun, funny and wicked imagination! ^_~!

If you want to see my newest naughty art, all you need to do is
search the word SOFIANIME in any search engine
to find my newest art online. Enjoy it!

Oh yes, be sure to follow my BLOG, so you do not miss out on the newest
previews of my Aceo XR art.  I love creating art that makes people feel good!
And I will have new art up every week or so.
Bookmark this blog so you don't miss out one any of my fun little paintings!

So what have I been up to lately?

First of all,  Hi everyone! :D
Just wanted to share with you some of my newest Aceo XR original paintings:

Nude Sexy Cheetara Thundercats Cartoon Original Sketch card by Sofianime

Aceo XR Nude sexy Bush Monika Red Head Girl original by Sofianime

Aceo XR Nude Chun Li Street Fighter Capcom Sketch card Psc by Sofianime

Aceo XR nude blonde girl fishnet bodysuit sexy red lips

Aceo XR sexy Nude Cursed Mummy Hunter Woman Hieroglyphs ancient Egypt Original Art

Aceo XR Sexy Nude Psylocke X-men Psc Hentai Anime Cartoon 1/1

Aceo XR sexy Fun White Queen X-men Emma Frost Comic Book Art Cartoon

Aceo XR Sexy Blue Catgirl Anthro Furry Anime Manga Bdsm Mistress Whip Cuffs by Sofianime

Aceo XR Sexy Blonde Flasher Girl original Watercolor by Sofianime

Aceo XR Bettie Page set of three sketch cards by Sofianime

I have been super busy working on a lot of larger paintings and commissioned art.
If you would like me to draw your favorite super hero, comic book or video game character
in a sketch card, be sure to contact me, I would be most happy to create them for you!

You can even challenge me with any character you like. :)
I will put you in my queue list, I got a lot of commissions requests, so I am working on them
as I go. First come, first serve. No pun intended. :)

For the Aceo XR that I create, you will see camel toes, red cherries, cute bushes and 
juicy clams and lips. ;)
They are usually censored in the listings, but the actual aceo paintings will be
uncensored when they are shipped to you.

I also finished a larger mermaid painting, the paper I used was poster sized, very large, so
I had to paint it standing up. It was a lot of fun, I got to burn some calories and dance to
my favorite anime and techno music on  my Ipod. :) You need to see me when I have my dancing shoes on. I can tango, bellydance and dance the whole night! Yes, I love to have a little too much fun when I create art and in everything I do in life. :)

I took a lot of pics of that mermaid painting, and I  need to get my photos sorted out so I can show
you how it turned out. I will say it was a very colorful painting!

Angels and Demons Sketch Cards! 

I also created eight unique sketch cards for the Angels and Demons set for Marty and Boo cards. And the set has already sold out! Thank you so much, fans, for collecting my sketch cards! Best of luck to the ones
who pull these cards! I had so much fun painting them! It was hard for me to part with these cards, they were some of my favorite Aceos! But I know they are going to awesome art collectors.

Please enjoy them very much! :)

This week, I been craving marinated artichokes. They are so yummy on freshly made bread and a
little spicy mayonnaise, or tossed with Italian pasta with a cheesy Alfredo sauce, with capers and black olives. Yum! I am also a chef when I am not creating paintings, I am creating delicious recipes in the kitchen.
If you could be here, you would be smelling all the delicious aromas coming out of my kitchen. :)

  Ok, I need to get back to the drawing board. Enjoy the art!
And add the Aceos to your art collection today!
Have an awesome day!
~Sofianime :D

Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Aceo XR on a new website!

Hi friends and beloved art collectors!

I have been super busy creating a lot of new art! Finally have a chance to update my blog! Thank you so much to everyone for collecting my art all over the world. You are the best! :)

To my dear fans and art collectors, please note my really naughty Aceo XR by Sofianime erotic art will now be exclusively available at  
You can find my original mermaid Aceo painting and more there too. It is very easy to register and use the site.

You have to thank the other site for refusing to show my art listings to my international art collectors. It's a long story. So from now on my naughty Aceo XR art will be listed exclusively at 

As always,  I will be most happy to ship all over the world.
I will be most happy to combine shipping if you purchase more than one painting. And if you win five or more, shipping is on me! You get free shipping!  Go check out the art, go get some and enjoy it! :)

Wishing you all a happy 2013 chinese new year of the snake! Kung Hee Fat Choi everyone! Wishing you all many blessings and a very prosperous year! :) I am off to celebrate and enjoy some yummy crispy skin roast pork, freshly made pot stickers with a spicy Ponzu sauce, seafood chow mein and a lot of yummy dim sum! And experiment in the kitchen with even more delicious chinese recipes. wish you were here! :) I am also craving fried oysters and fried chicken with Haagen-Daz Vanilla ice cream. :)
Have a great day and enjoy the art! :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Check out my new Aceo XR paintings!

Hi everyone! I am starting the year off with these new aceo XR paintings!
I have been super busy working on a lot of commission art this month. I will need to catch up on sleep soon! :)
I am also working on the Angels and Demons Sketch Cards for Marty and Boo, sorry fans, I cannot show any previews until the cards are on sale. All I can tell you is, they are looking good! :)
Here is a preview of a new Vampirella Sketch Card I am working on.I will be listing her very soon!
Check out all my new Aceo paintings below!

Aceo XR Cute Mary Jane Spiderman Sketch Card 1/1

Aceo Original Blonde Mermaid with roses (first aceo painting of 2013!)

Aceo Mermaid Aquamarinna Mrmd

Aceo Jasmine Hugs Faerie Limited Edition

Aceo Snake Tattoo Mermaid

Aceo Star Trek Animated Series M'ress in red dress limited edition print

Aceo Cute Redhead Little Mermaid

Aceo Crystal Blue Jasmines Zen Tangle Meditation Nouveau Art

Aceo Seashell Hunter Blonde Mermaid

Aceo XR Gothic Vampire Mermaid with Roses

Aceo Orange Bikini Blonde Girl

Belly Dancer Mermaid Red Ruby 4x6 Postcard Print

Aceo Shy Pink Mermaid

Aceo Blonde Mermaid Girl Aurora

Aceo Belly Dancer Mermaid Jewel Mrmd

Aceo Rose Garden Bellydancer Mermaid

Aceo Gothic Vampire Mermaid Blood Bath

Aceo Blue Mermaid Rose Hugs

Cute Mermaid Azura 4x6 Postcard

Star Trek M'ress 4x6 postcard Limited Edition

Aceo Blue Catgirl Whip and Cuffs

Mermaid on the Rocks Pencil Drawing 4x6 postcard

Aceo Original Eye of Horus Egypt Hieroglyph

Aceo Butterfly Fairy Maya

Vampirella Psc Sketch Card Fanart Bat Wings Aceo

Snake Tattoo Mermaid 4x6 postcard

Vampirella Sketch Card Psc Cute Anime

Bettie Page Limited Edition Aceo set of three

Gorgeous Bellydancing Mermaid Rose Garden Canvas Print

Colorful Belly Dancing Mermaid Ruby Canvas Print

Aceo XR sexy blue merman guy

Original Aceo Watercolor Painting Faerie of the Roses

Witchblade Sketch Card Psc Original watercolor by Elisa Chong Sofianime 1/1

Vampirella Midnight Rose Garden Sketch Card Psc Watercolor painting Elisa Chong 1/1

Sexy Vampirella Psc

Vampirella Psc Sketch Card Green Cursed Skull

Original Watercolor Painting Pink Blonde Mermaid Elisa Chong

Aceo Original Painting Mermaid Amethyst by Elisa Chong

Catwoman Psc Sketch Card DC Comics by Elisa Chong

Vampirella Sketch Card Sexy Stockings by Elisa Chong

Gothic Vampire Mermaid Original Watercolor Painting by Elisa Chong Mrmd

Original Aceo Painting Mardi Gras Mermaid Burlesque by Elisa Chong

Aceo Original Blue Jasmine Faerie Butterfly

Nude Aceo XR art!

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Aceo XR Cute Blond Bushy Girl

Aceo XR Nude Blonde Girl Big Melons Pink Thong

Aceo XR Raw Ink Nude Smile Sexy Woman

Aceo XR Beautiful Nude Huge Melons

Aceo XR cute blonde girl Nude

Aceo XR nude Psylocke Psc Sketch Card by Sofianime

Aceo XR nude red head girl rose bouquet by Sofianime

Aceo XR Nude girl with tasty cherry pie

Enjoy the art! I need to run back to the drawing board and finish some more commissioned art. See you all soon! ~Sofianime :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy 2013 and new Aceo XR art!

Hi everyone!
First of all I want to wish you all a very happy 2013! May it be an amazing year for you!
I have been super busy working on a lot of new illustrations and other projects!
I am going to need to catch up on sleep after I am done with all that!
Here are my newest aceo xr paintings!
Enjoy the art!

Aceo XR sexy nude fun girl drawing

Aceo XR sexy blonde big juicy melons

Aceo XR Raw Ink Sexy Buns

Aceo XR sexy fishnet mesh dress girl

Aceo XR RAw Ink sexy tiny thong 

Aceo XR Roses Fishnet Nude Nipple Piercing Girl

Aceo XR Sexy Blonde Flasher Girl Purple Dress

Aceo XR Nude Cheetara Thundercats Fanart Comic

Original Aceo Psc Sketch Card Vampirella

Come see my newest mermaid, merman and faerie canvas prints at fineartamerica!
The blue merman canvas print looks gorgeous!
That's it for today. Have an awesome day, enjoy the art and I will talk to you all very soon!
~Elisa :)