Saturday, September 21, 2013

new aceo xr art! :)

hi everyone! here are my newest aceo xr original paintings!
enjoy the art!

sexy naughty bettie page aceo xr catgirl pinup set

aceo xr sexy sweet blonde angel girl rose by sofianime

aceo xr vampirella in red thong by sofianime sketch card psc free shipping

aceo xr cute blonde angel nude woman wink by sofianime

sexy nude blonde woman aceo xr original watercolor painting

cute nude blonde woman pink rose petals aceo xr by sofianime

aceo xr raw ink girl sexy red lips by sofianime

the really naughty nuuuuude art is here: 

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I am finishing painting the island dreams 3 sketch cards and working on larger illustrations this week. Will show more soon! :) And I will need to catch up on sleep too! :) 

Enjoy the art and have a great weekend, everyone! :)