Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Check out my new Aceo XR paintings!

Hi everyone! I am starting the year off with these new aceo XR paintings!
I have been super busy working on a lot of commission art this month. I will need to catch up on sleep soon! :)
I am also working on the Angels and Demons Sketch Cards for Marty and Boo, sorry fans, I cannot show any previews until the cards are on sale. All I can tell you is, they are looking good! :)
Here is a preview of a new Vampirella Sketch Card I am working on.I will be listing her very soon!
Check out all my new Aceo paintings below!

Aceo XR Cute Mary Jane Spiderman Sketch Card 1/1

Aceo Original Blonde Mermaid with roses (first aceo painting of 2013!)

Aceo Mermaid Aquamarinna Mrmd

Aceo Jasmine Hugs Faerie Limited Edition

Aceo Snake Tattoo Mermaid

Aceo Star Trek Animated Series M'ress in red dress limited edition print

Aceo Cute Redhead Little Mermaid

Aceo Crystal Blue Jasmines Zen Tangle Meditation Nouveau Art

Aceo Seashell Hunter Blonde Mermaid

Aceo XR Gothic Vampire Mermaid with Roses

Aceo Orange Bikini Blonde Girl

Belly Dancer Mermaid Red Ruby 4x6 Postcard Print

Aceo Shy Pink Mermaid

Aceo Blonde Mermaid Girl Aurora

Aceo Belly Dancer Mermaid Jewel Mrmd

Aceo Rose Garden Bellydancer Mermaid

Aceo Gothic Vampire Mermaid Blood Bath

Aceo Blue Mermaid Rose Hugs

Cute Mermaid Azura 4x6 Postcard

Star Trek M'ress 4x6 postcard Limited Edition

Aceo Blue Catgirl Whip and Cuffs

Mermaid on the Rocks Pencil Drawing 4x6 postcard

Aceo Original Eye of Horus Egypt Hieroglyph

Aceo Butterfly Fairy Maya

Vampirella Psc Sketch Card Fanart Bat Wings Aceo

Snake Tattoo Mermaid 4x6 postcard

Vampirella Sketch Card Psc Cute Anime

Bettie Page Limited Edition Aceo set of three

Gorgeous Bellydancing Mermaid Rose Garden Canvas Print

Colorful Belly Dancing Mermaid Ruby Canvas Print

Aceo XR sexy blue merman guy

Original Aceo Watercolor Painting Faerie of the Roses

Witchblade Sketch Card Psc Original watercolor by Elisa Chong Sofianime 1/1

Vampirella Midnight Rose Garden Sketch Card Psc Watercolor painting Elisa Chong 1/1

Sexy Vampirella Psc

Vampirella Psc Sketch Card Green Cursed Skull

Original Watercolor Painting Pink Blonde Mermaid Elisa Chong

Aceo Original Painting Mermaid Amethyst by Elisa Chong

Catwoman Psc Sketch Card DC Comics by Elisa Chong

Vampirella Sketch Card Sexy Stockings by Elisa Chong

Gothic Vampire Mermaid Original Watercolor Painting by Elisa Chong Mrmd

Original Aceo Painting Mardi Gras Mermaid Burlesque by Elisa Chong

Aceo Original Blue Jasmine Faerie Butterfly

Nude Aceo XR art!

This week special auction! Starting at 99 cents! Own her today!
Aceo XR Cute Blond Bushy Girl

Aceo XR Nude Blonde Girl Big Melons Pink Thong

Aceo XR Raw Ink Nude Smile Sexy Woman

Aceo XR Beautiful Nude Huge Melons

Aceo XR cute blonde girl Nude

Aceo XR nude Psylocke Psc Sketch Card by Sofianime

Aceo XR nude red head girl rose bouquet by Sofianime

Aceo XR Nude girl with tasty cherry pie

Enjoy the art! I need to run back to the drawing board and finish some more commissioned art. See you all soon! ~Sofianime :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy 2013 and new Aceo XR art!

Hi everyone!
First of all I want to wish you all a very happy 2013! May it be an amazing year for you!
I have been super busy working on a lot of new illustrations and other projects!
I am going to need to catch up on sleep after I am done with all that!
Here are my newest aceo xr paintings!
Enjoy the art!

Aceo XR sexy nude fun girl drawing

Aceo XR sexy blonde big juicy melons

Aceo XR Raw Ink Sexy Buns

Aceo XR sexy fishnet mesh dress girl

Aceo XR RAw Ink sexy tiny thong 

Aceo XR Roses Fishnet Nude Nipple Piercing Girl

Aceo XR Sexy Blonde Flasher Girl Purple Dress

Aceo XR Nude Cheetara Thundercats Fanart Comic

Original Aceo Psc Sketch Card Vampirella

Come see my newest mermaid, merman and faerie canvas prints at fineartamerica!
The blue merman canvas print looks gorgeous!
That's it for today. Have an awesome day, enjoy the art and I will talk to you all very soon!
~Elisa :)