Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Aceo XR and Vampirella original art by Sofianime!

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to share my newest listings with you all. I have been super busy working on large paintings this month, and other fun secret projects. :)
Will reveal more soon!
For now, please enjoy the new art!
I also have sexy pinup beer refrigerator magnets! Be sure to add them to your collection before they are gone!

Click on the links to see all the fun new aceo original art and more! 

Enjoy the art! ;)

Jasmine Hugs Fairy Limited Edition Aceo by Elisa Chong

Mermaid Mother Hugs Child Daughter Limited Edition Aceo by Elisa Chong  

Cute Mermaid AquaMarinna Pink Rose Limited Edition Aceo 

Aceo XR Redhead Woman Nude Vanilla Cream Splash by Sofianime 

Aceo XR Raw Ink Black Nude Woman Sketch Card by Sofianime  

 Pretty Smile Pink Blonde Mermaid Aceo Mrmd By Elisa Chong 

Cleopatra Egyptian Queen mermaid Raw Ink Black Postcard by Elisa Chong 

Aceo XR Original Watercolor Sexy Nude Jasmine Fairy Woman by Sofianime  

Aceo XR Gothic Dark Ink Vampire mermaid Mrmd Wine Glass by Sofianime 

Cute Shy Mermaid By the Sea Pencil Drawing Sketch Mrmd by Elisa Chong 

Sexy Nude Bettie Page Beer Refrigerator Magnet by Sofianime

Sexy Gothic Vampire Mermaid Beer Refrigerator Magnet Mrmd by Elisa Chong 

Sexy Rainbow Butterfly Wing Woman Rose Beer Refrigerator Magnet by Sofianime 

Aceo XR Sexy Blonde Woman Bubble Bath Duck Original Painting by Sofianime 

Aceo XR Sexy Mary Jane Spiderman Sketch Card by Elisa Chong 

Aceo XR Cute Manga Vampirella Sketch Card by Elisa Chong 

Aceo XR Sexy Nude Woman Love Heart Vanilla Cupcake by Sofianime 

Aceo XR Sexy Blonde Angel Girl Nude Watercolor Painting by Sofianime 

Aceo XR Nude Woman Raw Black Ink Red Nipple Pierching Art Nouveau by Sofianime 

And click here to see my most naughty Aceo XR original paintings! 

(These are not available in stores or anywhere else online! Only here! Own them before they are gone! They look even better when help up close in your hands! )

That's it for this week.  Going to take a break and have fun in the kitchen, cooking up some of my delicious favorite recipes: arepas con queso, spiced meatballs, a Russian potato salad, caribbean style cole slaw and mango-ritas. You know that when I am not painting I will be having fun in the kitchen too! :)

Have fun browsing through the new art, have an awesome weekend and I will see you all soon!
~Elisa Chong :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Aceo XR nude original art!

Hi everyone! hew aceo XR has been listed!
check this sexy Aceo XR blonde woman with white boots! click on the link to see the boobs...

Aceo XR Nude blonde woman fairy original watercolor painting 

Aceo XR Sexy Love Bunny Girl Anthro Manga by Sofianime

Mernaid Aquamarinna Watercolor Canvas 

Aceo XR Bettie Page Limited Edition Cards (get them before they are sold out!)

Sexy Mistress Bettie Page beer magnet Bdsm Naughty

Aceo XR Sexy Red Head Woman Nude Vanilla Cream Splash 
A very naughty original Aceo watercolor painting!
Add her to your collection today!

I have even more original Aceo XR paintings (these are really naughty!)  

listed on

Remember, I will be most happy to ship anywhere in the world!

Enjoy the art, and get some Aceo XR by Sofianime before they are all gone! :)
To my fabulous fans all over the world, thank you so much for collecting my art! I love you all!

~Elisa :)