Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Bellydancer Mermaid 2 prints now available!

Great news! I am thrilled to announce that at the requests of fans, my Bellydancer mermaid 2 illustration is now available as 8x10 and 11x14 inch gorgeous, colorful prints! To purchase the 8x10 inch print:
To purchase the 11x14 inch print:
She is also available as a 4x6 inch print:
Mermaid Mother and Daughter Hugs is also available as a limited edition ACEO print, 4x6, 8x10 and 11x14 inch prints:
Other available sizes
The copyright notice and text will not show up on the actual print, and as always, I will be sending you a surprise gift with your order. Thank you so much for your support! Many blessings for all of you and have a great day! ~Elisa :) www.sofianime.com

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Update, mermaid art sneak preview and radio shows

Hi everyone! Yes, I have been away, working on illustrations and some 3d models too. My old mouse is broken so I am using my wacom tablet and cordless mouse all the time. I love this tablet, it saves my hand from having carpal tunnel problems, plus it is so comfortable to work with! I just downloaded the newest version of winamp. I am enjoying a lot of my favorite techno and videogame and anime songs as I work. For all the fans who asked by email, I love listening to techno music while I work, mailnly of DJ Sasha, Paul Van Dyk and the Namco sound team. You guys are amazing! One of these days I will collect every album and track you create! :) I also love good videogame and anime music. When I am not listening to music, I listen to my favorite talk shows:
thedrpatshow.com which keeps me in a positive mood all day while I work on illustrations and creating art nonstop, plus I love learning new things while i work. I can multitask. :)
Newsforthesoul.com I have been listening to Nicole for over six years. I love the guests and the paranormal stuff. Very interesting shows!
Thewonders.com This show is great for all of you who always wanted to know who you really are, and try to find answers to difficult and interesting questions. To my new fans, hello! It is very nice to meet you all :). To those who like to learn to draw from my art, thank you so much for your messages! I am so proud of you! Keep on drawing! Draw the things that bring you joy! Keep practicing so you can become your best! Here is a sneak preview of what I am working on now:
New Egyptian Cobra Queen:
In the inking stages. It was inked with koh-I-noor inking pens on bristol board, 14 by 17 inches in size. It is my new work in progress.
Kimono girl:
I had an idea for a cute girl dressed in a lovely kimono, full with flowers and beautiful designs. I imagine her kimono to be filled with beautiful colors. This one is also a work in progress.
New prints!
The Belly Dancer Mermaid 2: Dance of the seven veils and Mermaid Mom Hugs are now available as 8x10 inch and 11x14 gorgeous colorful prints at: sexymermaid.etsy.com
Well, I must get back to work. And back to listening to my favorite music! I can never have enough techno music in my life. :) Have a great day, and many blessings, everyone! I will see you all soon!
~Elisa :)