Saturday, June 2, 2012

New Original Aceo XR paintings and Blonde Mermaids!

Hello fanboys and fangirls all over the world!
I have some new art to show you :)
Here are my newest listings:
Aceo original Cute Blonde Pink Mermaid Doll Face Mrmd with Roses

Aceo XR Nude Psylocke Fanart Psc Original Sketch Card by Sofianime

Aceo XR Nude Brunette Girl Leather Boots

Aceo XR Sexy Redhead Mistress Leather Whip Bdsm Fetish Original Art

Aceo XR Sexy Redhead Leather Bra Bdsm Fetish

Aceo XR Nude Blonde Girl Sunbathing At beach

Aceo XR Nude Wisteria Faerie Original Painting

Aceo XR Nude Redhead Flasher Pink Dress

Aceo XR Nude Cute Redhead Big Melons

Aceo XR Sexy Nude Brunette Girl

Aceo XR Nude Cute Blonde Girl Heart Choker

Aceo XR Nude Brunette Girl Smile Pink Bikini

Aceo XR Nude Fun Redhead Naughty Wink

Aceo XR Limited Edition Bettie Page set of 3 Sketch Cards PSC

Egyptian Queen Mermaid Inked Hieroglyph 4x6 inch Postcard Art Print

Original XR Sexy Nude Girl in Bikini 11x17 Watercolor Painting

Aceo XR Sexy Hot Vampirella Original Watercolor Painting Sketch Card PSC by Sofianime

Aceo XR Nude Sexy Blonde White Catgirl Marylin Anime Original Art

Bellydancer Mermaid Ruby 4x6 Watercolor Postcard Print

I also have new original blonde mermaid aceo paintings
 and much more at:

And a new belly dancer mermaid magnet here!

Enjoy the art and have a great weekend! I am having a busy weekend, working on new illustrations, and finishing up painting new mermaid paintings.  Sending you all many hugs! Love you all! Fans all over the world, you are the best! :) I will talk to you soon!
~Elisa Chong :)