Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mardi Gras Mermaids, St Patricks day art and more!

Hi fanboys and fangirls! I just wanted to share some new art with you!
For this month's Sea God's Mermaid Artists challenge, the theme is:
Mardi Gras, St Patrick's day, spring and frost.
Here are some of the creative original paintings the artists came up with!

From Elisa Chong:
Mardi Gras Mermaid
Lucky Clover Mermaid
Egyptian Queen Goddess
 spring mermaid

 From Norma:
Spring and Frost Mermaids

From Jessica Faerie:
Mardi Gras
Frost Maiden
First Robin of Spring
Found the Gold

From Kathryn Kelton:
Spring mermaid

From Maigan Lynn
Lucky Irish Kiss

From Jade Bengco:
Mardi Gras Eve

You can also type in SGA MERMAIDS in your google or ebay search to find more fabulous original mermaid paintings!

I am taking a break this week from creating too many illustrations, and working too many hours nonstop. I will be catching up on some much needed sleep. It feels great to take some time off, since I don't always get to!  I am watching the Tales from the crypt shows and catching up with some of my favorite action movies, to relax.

Enjoy the art!
And I will see you all soon!

~Elisa :)