Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Paintings, Vampirella, Fairies and more!

Hi everyone!

I have a few new halloween paintings and fanart paintings listed!
Check them out below:
Sexy Vampirella Original Postcard painting

Mermaid Natasha Original Watercolor Painting

Pink Mermaid 8x10 inch Original Painting

Halloween Vampire Candy Fairy Painting

Bettie Page set of 3 Aceo Xr LE fanart

Bellydancer Mermaid Ruby 4x6 Print

Sexy and Cute Vampirella Original Aceo PSC Sketch Card

Sexy Witchblade Original Aceo Sketch Card PSC

Pink Halloween Mermaid by Jade Bengco

I am a proud member of SGA Mermaids group, which is an awesome group of mermaid artists who love to paint gorgeous mermaid art!
Type in SGA MRMD in your or Google searches to find more awesome mermaid art by this fabulous group of artists!

I am catching up on the new Fringe episodes. Love the show so far!
Finishing up work on new commissioned pieces and some large paintings. And I also need to catch up on some sleep after that. Will show some previews soon!
Big shout out goes to all my fans and friends all over the world! You all are so awesome! Love you all! Thank you so much for collecting my art! Talk to you soon! :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Witchblade, Vampirella, Mermaid and Catgirl Aceos!

Hi everyone!

I have been super busy lately with a lot of commissioned work, and character designs to create.
I finally had a chance to catch up on some sleep! I wish I was like my kitty, who gets to sleep all day long! :) But I have a lot of art to finish.
I would like to show you my new aceos! Many of the fanart aceos were created as challenges given to my by my fans. I had a lot of fun creating fanart, I hope you all enjoy the new art! :)
Sexy Witchblade Original Aceo Sketch Card
Sexy Blonde Bunny Girl Aceo

Blonde Sunset Roses Mermaid Aceo

White Blonde Catgirl Aceo

Inked Egyptian Queen Mermaid Postcard

Sexy Vampirella 2 Original Aceo Sketch Card

Blonde Mermaid Art Noveau Style Painting

I also have many more new nude Aceo XR art, also on ebay, to see more, click on my id: Sexyartgirl

Here is a sneak preview of one of my newest paintings. I am having fun with the soothing smooth lines created with my Sakura Micron Pens. I am debating if I should make her hair blonde or pink?

So, be sure to collect the new Aceos! They are going fast!
Add them to your art collection today!
And thank you so much to all of my art collectors all over the world! You all are the best! I am so happy you like the art so much! :)

Check out even more cool mermaid art from my sister group of artists at:

Enjoy the art and have an awesome day, everyone! I will talk to you all later!Sending much love to everyone! :D
~Elisa Chong

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vampirella, Bettie Page and catgirl Aceo art!

Greetings, fanboys and fangirls!  :)
I have been super busy this month working on some new commissioned paintings, logos and character design this month. I am  going to need some sleep! Lol. But I am having so much fun creating new art, while listening to my favorite anime and video game music on my Ipod!
Here is a sneak preview of my newest Aceo paintings:

Click here to see the finished painting:
Mistress Bettie Page Original Aceo

                                                         Sexy Vampirella Original Aceo

 And Blue Catgirl Original Aceo
                             Sexy Guy Marcus, one of my original characters.
                             See the full painting here:
                             Sexy Gigolo Marcus Original SFA Painting

And to the left is a preview of my Seashell Hunter Mermaid. Work in Progress. It is one of those paintings where I am taking my time to figure out the colors I will use for it Once they come to my mind. Sometimes I end up staring at the inked piece, trying to figure out what colors will look good on her.
Enjoy the art and I will talk to you all very soon!

Sending much love to everyone! Have an awesome day! Enjoy the art!
~Sofi! :) 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mermaid paintings by Jade Bengco

Check out the new art by fellow SGA Mermaid artist Jade Bengco! Her art is very lovely and full of interesting details! Click on the links to see it all! Enjoy the art! :)

Sleepy merman and baby

Celtic Mermaid

Fun afternoon with mermaids

Mermaid Mom and Baby

Mermaid by the Mango tree

Mermaid with Orchids

Sexy Blonde Pink mermaid

Google: SGA MERMAIDS to find more awesome art by this great group of mermaid artists!
Enjoy the art!
~Elisa :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mermaid Con and new mermen and catgirl art!

Hi everyone!
I have been having fun painting a lit lately, and I have some new art to show you! :)

But first: Calling all mermaid artists:
Join SGA Mermaids in promoting your mermaid art at the Mermaid Convention in Las Vegas!
This is a great opportunity to help promote your art to new fans and mermaid lovers!
For more info, check out

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Bellydancer mermaid Ruby tshirts!
Egyptian Queen Mermaid tshirts! 
 Roses Bellydancer Mermaid tshirts!

Here are my new art listings for this week:
New mermaid and mermen 4x6 inch postcard sized prints:
Cute Mermaid Azura
Pink Roses Halter Mermaid
Sexy Pink Catgirl in Red Bikin
Sexy Blue Merman 2
Bellydancer Mermaid Jewel
Original Aceo SGA mermaid sea roses
Star Trek animated series M'ress 8x10 inch limited edition print

I am also working on a few commissioned pieces of catgirl art. I will show a preview soon, once I scan it in.
Contact me if you'd like me to create a catgirl painting for you!
I will be most happy to create an awesome illustration of your characters just for you!
 I am having so much fun painting them right now, as I take a break from painting mermaids. :)
I am off to enjoy an ice cold green tea with milk. It helps me cool off from this heat we have in Arizona.
Enjoy the art and I will talk to you all soon! :)
Much love to all!
~Elisa :D

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Star Trek's M'ress, bellydancer mermaid t-shirts and more!

Greetings everyone!

Did you miss me? :)
I was pretty ill last two months, but I am finally recovered, and working on new mermaid paintings right now. Being sick is no fun, so I am so happy to get back into enjoying my passions, one of them is painting with colorful watercolors!

Check out some of my new art!
 Get the Bellydancer Ruby Aceo!

See a cute anthro painting of Star Trek's M'ress!

I am offering limited edition 8x10 inch prints of lovely Liutenant M'ress from the Star Trek animated series, at the request of my awesome fans. And yes, she has lipstick on. That is her favorite shade of red. Get your hands on her quick, before she is gone!

  Mermaid painting inspired by Koi Goldfish

I have the most beautiful and cute goldfish in my aquarium. They have the very round belly, they look like they swallowed a big pearl! They look so cute! They inspired me to create this exotic mermaid painting. And the peach blossoms add a touch of oriental art feel to it.

Sea Spring Roses Mermaid Original Aceo Painting

Check out my fan page on Facebook!

New Bellydancer Mermaid Ruby T-shirst are here!

Bellydancer mermaid Ruby T-shirts!

Get some and show everyone your love for mermaids and bellydancing! :)
I must get back to having fun listening to some cool tehcno music by Paul Van Dyk and the Namco sound team and finish painting my new mermaids. Stay tuned! I will show my new paintings very soon!

Have a great weekend and I will talk to you all soon!

~Elisa Chong

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mardi Gras Mermaids, St Patricks day art and more!

Hi fanboys and fangirls! I just wanted to share some new art with you!
For this month's Sea God's Mermaid Artists challenge, the theme is:
Mardi Gras, St Patrick's day, spring and frost.
Here are some of the creative original paintings the artists came up with!

From Elisa Chong:
Mardi Gras Mermaid
Lucky Clover Mermaid
Egyptian Queen Goddess
 spring mermaid

 From Norma:
Spring and Frost Mermaids

From Jessica Faerie:
Mardi Gras
Frost Maiden
First Robin of Spring
Found the Gold

From Kathryn Kelton:
Spring mermaid

From Maigan Lynn
Lucky Irish Kiss

From Jade Bengco:
Mardi Gras Eve

You can also type in SGA MERMAIDS in your google or ebay search to find more fabulous original mermaid paintings!

I am taking a break this week from creating too many illustrations, and working too many hours nonstop. I will be catching up on some much needed sleep. It feels great to take some time off, since I don't always get to!  I am watching the Tales from the crypt shows and catching up with some of my favorite action movies, to relax.

Enjoy the art!
And I will see you all soon!

~Elisa :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gothic Mertmaid Valentine's and more new aceo paintings!

Hi everyone! I have been having so much fun listening to my favorite techno music by Paul Van Dyk and creating a lot of new fun paintings! here are links to my newest art!

Sexy Love Lingerie Valentine Aceo
Sweet Sexy Valentine Aceo
Valentine's Day Faerie Aceo
Egyptian Queen Mermaid Aceo

Click HERE to see my new series of very sexy pin up aceo art! These new aceo paintings were created at the request of my art collectors.
Please note there are some nudes in! You have been warned!

Here are the entries for the monthly Sga(Sea Gods Mermaid Artists) group. The theme is gothic mermaid valentine's day. Below are links to my entry and a few entries of my fellow Sga Group artists.
Check out all the fabulous art!

Gothic Mermaid SGA Mermaid group challenge

Gothic Vampire Mermaid by Elisa Chong

The gothic heart by Kathryn Kelton

Goth Mermaids by Dawn Russell

Vivi-Anne by Maigan Lynn

Dark Heart by Jade Bengco

Gothic Valentine by Amber Day

My Heart is Whole by Jessica Faerie

Yu can always type SGA MERMAIDS in your google or ebay search to find more awesome mermaid art. We list new art every week or two!
This month only! As a thank you to all my fans and collectors!
Get 15% off all paintings in my gallery at!
Use code LUCKY88

And don't miss out on my newest t-shirts and more at

I am working on some new digital illustrations at the moment. Will show more soon!
Have a great day, fans and friends! Enjoy the art!
~Elisa Chong

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spreading the love! New ACEOS!

Hi everyone! I just finished painting these new aceos! The weather has been cold over here, so I am already wishing for spring, warmer weather, and painting faeries!
Check out my newest original aceo paitnings:

                                                                                     Shower of Love
 This painting came from my Zen meditations, and was inspired to share the love energy with every one of you. Sending much love to you all. :)

                                                            Rose Faerie

 I love painting roses, they are my most favorite flowers. I can't wait to start growing some of my favorite roses this spring in my garden, and then I get to paint them with watercolors. This is going to be so much fun. I am taking a quick break from painting mermaids to paint more faeries. :)

                                                          Sexy in Red

Her name is Jade, one of my newest characters. I will reveal more later. This painting is part of my new sexy pin up illustrations. Isn't she cute?

And I have added many more new paintings on my Artfire page.
I am waiting for my Koh-I-Noor  ink pen to be cleaned, before I can finish my next paintings. I am working on my next SGA (Sea Gods Mermaid Artists) Challenge, which is about gothic valentine's mermaids. I will be showing them a week from now, so stay tuned! :)
Enjoy the art!
Have a wonderful day! And I will talk to you all soon!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year and New art!

Wishing everyone a happy 2011!

 Happy New Year! :)

Greetings, fans and friends!
Wishing you all a Happy New Year! May you live long and prosper and enjoy all your favorite things, and share much joy and blessings in 2011! :D
Dear fans, and collectors, thank you so much for your gifts, greeting cards and messages! Know that I am always thinking of you all! You are the best! :)

Last december was very busy for me, had a lot of sales and commissioned art to create. Took a well deserved break over the holidays, to enjoy some good food and hang out with family and friends. After getting enough rest, I am back to creating some awesome art! I have been catching up on the vampire diaries, and watching scary horror movies from the 80's and 90's.  I love watching horror and action movies, besides watching anime. And listening to good music by Paul Van Dyk and Sasha while creating art. I am having too much fun doing this!

Check out my new vampire girl aceo paintings!
Vampire Spa ACEO
Vampire Girl ACEO Painting

Fanart of Psylocke ACEO is HERE
I also have new sexy pinup art up!

 There are some new nude art too, including a new painting of Bettie Page, created at the request of my art collectors.
See Nude Bettie Here!
See more new art HERE!
Go get some before the art is gone!
And a new original ACEO of sexy M'ress!

I am enjoying painting with my Koh-I-Noor ink pens, Sakura Koi Watercolors and colorful Prismacolor Color Pencils. And listening to awesome music on my Ipod. My mind is filled with great ideas, from my overactive imagination, that I need to put on paper.

Thank you so much to all of my fans and art collectors all over the world, for collecting my art. May you enjoy it very much! One of my fans said it is as good as chocolate! Really? :) Love you all! You are all the best! :)

I am off to workout to burn out all the extra calories from the delicious holiday food I had. I did a lot of cooking over the holidays of my favorite international recipes. That was fun too!
Enjoy the art! Have a wonderful day!
~Elisa :)