Wednesday, September 6, 2017

New Sofianime Aceo XR original paintings are listed!

Hi everyone! long time no talk!:)

I have been super busy with many big projects!
I finally had a chance to have some time to finish some new Aceo XR paintings,
and a Balls XR painting challenge artwork.

Check it out by clicking on the links. Some of the art is NSFW!

so you have been warned! ;)

 wedding Balls xr Original Painting
(this is the art challenge piece I was working on)

lick my lollipop Original Aceo XR Painting

lick my whip Original Aceo XR Painting

eat my cherry pie Original Aceo XR Painting

sexy nude redhead woman aceo xr print

gothic vampire mermaid aceo xr

naughty Bettie Page aceo xr print

Enjoy the art!
I need to get back to my drawing table, got a lot of new art to work on.
See you all soon!

I need to get another pitcher of iced coffee now.
Need to stay awake and paint new art ten hours nonstop! While listening to fun techno music!

Until next time, Sofianime loves you all very much! :)