Monday, August 8, 2016

Tips on Starting a Brand New Art Collection

Hi everyone!

I had many new fans ask for tips about how to get started collect art!

From my point of view, as an artist and art collector, I have several places I like to go to, to look for
my favorite type of art.
I like collecting beautiful art, fantasy art, anime art, concept art sketches, and comic book related art, among
other subjects. I like searching online to find new pieces of art.

Remember fans,  is your friend. I love to type keywords about the type of art I like to collect,
and this is a great way to discover new artists and find new art that you can fall in love with.

There are also So many choices on ! They have been around for many, many years, and you can find thousands of new paintings listed there. Check it out, and check in often! : also has a lot of art. From cute art to figurative art and more. Go browse and find many different
types of paintings and so much more there! : They have art direct from the artists. A lot of cool choices too!

Go search for niche websites or message boards about the theme of art you like to collect. You can
discover new artists from just visiting the discussion boards in those websites. fan pages.  After  you discover the name of new artists that you want to know more about, do a search for their names on Facebook, see what comes up.  

Or do a  search on with keywords of the type of art that you like to collect, and see what comes up. This is a fun way to discover new art that you can fall in love with!

If you find a new favorite artist, be sure to like their Facebook page, and don't be shy, go ahead and
contact them, ask any questions you like about their art, many artist love to chat with fans. Let the
artists know how much you like their art! You might make a new friend this way! And also have the
exciting opportunity to own an awesome piece of their art!

For more information and advice about how to get started collecting art, be sure to also check out
Invaluable's blog In Good Taste which features the latest information and trends in art and antiques from
auction houses all over the world.

Fans, I hope you liked the tips. Be sure to message me with your tips on how you like collect art.
I would love to read about it!

Ok, I need to get back to my studio, I am working on a lot of new paintings.
I will catch up with you all very soon!

~Elisa Chong

See You on the Other Side, Dad...

See you on the other side, dad...

It's been a long time since I posted.

I had to take some time off. It's been three months since dad passed away. I finally have the motivation
and time to post about it. He passed away from cancer in the liver. It happened very fast, after the
doctor's  diagnosis. The last six months I spent with him were quite stressful, just watching him getting
worse and worse. He was gone in less than three months. He passed away back in May 2016.

I still feel sad, there is so much we did not get to do together.
You are going to be terribly missed, dad.
I am sure you are happy next to God, and with mom and grandma on the other side.

Goodbye dad.
I will see you on the other when my time is up.

I wanted to say thank you to all my friends all over the world. Your emails, phone calls, messages, many
hugs and greeting cards, they are truly so appreciated.

And thank you Tamra Oviatt for the mp3s at they have been very healing!

I have been taking it easy for the last three months, slowly getting back into my projects. And taking it
one day at a time. Journaling and blogging a lot. As well as doodling in my sketchbooks.  I had days when I feel very sad, and days where I feel a bit ok. I am taking more time to relax now.

I am working on some new paintings and so much more. Will show previews soon.

See you all later!

~Elisa Chong

Blue by Yoko Kanno from Cowboy Bebop