Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gothic Mertmaid Valentine's and more new aceo paintings!

Hi everyone! I have been having so much fun listening to my favorite techno music by Paul Van Dyk and creating a lot of new fun paintings! here are links to my newest art!

Sexy Love Lingerie Valentine Aceo
Sweet Sexy Valentine Aceo
Valentine's Day Faerie Aceo
Egyptian Queen Mermaid Aceo

Click HERE to see my new series of very sexy pin up aceo art! These new aceo paintings were created at the request of my art collectors.
Please note there are some nudes in! You have been warned!

Here are the entries for the monthly Sga(Sea Gods Mermaid Artists) group. The theme is gothic mermaid valentine's day. Below are links to my entry and a few entries of my fellow Sga Group artists.
Check out all the fabulous art!

Gothic Mermaid SGA Mermaid group challenge

Gothic Vampire Mermaid by Elisa Chong

The gothic heart by Kathryn Kelton

Goth Mermaids by Dawn Russell

Vivi-Anne by Maigan Lynn

Dark Heart by Jade Bengco

Gothic Valentine by Amber Day

My Heart is Whole by Jessica Faerie

Yu can always type SGA MERMAIDS in your google or ebay search to find more awesome mermaid art. We list new art every week or two!
This month only! As a thank you to all my fans and collectors!
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I am working on some new digital illustrations at the moment. Will show more soon!
Have a great day, fans and friends! Enjoy the art!
~Elisa Chong