Thursday, July 17, 2008

New mermaid magnets on sale!

Hi everyone! Check out my new cute mermaid magnets and merman art on tshirts, and new cool mousepads at: Sofianime on Zazzle!
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I am also having a Christmas in July Sale at my official etsy store: Don't miss it! It is very hot over here this summer, so I am inspired to paint more mermaids. :) Wishing to be near the beach, enjoying the cooling sea breeze. Good thing I am having some frosty coffee chiller drinks right now. Life is good! Have a great day, everyone! I must get back to the drawing board! And I will talk to you all soon!
~Elisa :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Are you getting enough sleep?

After working on tight deadlines I like to take the time to catch up on my sleep. Make sure you are getting eight to ten hours of sleep a day, to make sure your brain is functioning right. Too much stress and worries are robbing people of sleep. So many people end up with a sleep debt, which is not healthy. When the body is too stressed out, it can get ill easily. Get enough sleep, so you can live long and enjoy all your achievements! Lack of sleep can create a lot of stress and illness in your body. And it can shorten your life span. By getting enough sleep, you can recharge your energies, nourish your brain and feel energized to start a brand new and exciting day! Before you go to sleep, an hour before, take a delicious shower or bubble bath, with your favorite shower gels, music and candles! Get a bath gift basket, filled with all those goodies! It is a great way to relax! Take half an hour to one hour just for yourself! Spoil yourself after a busy and stressful day! You deserve it! Do this every day or at least once a month! Remember to spoil yourself, treat yourself with love, after working hard to take care of others! Remember to spend as much time taking care of others, and also, taking care of yourself! It is very important to love yourself and treat yourself well too, so you don't end up drained! You deserve to spoil yourself once in a while too! Put your favorite music on! Buy some relaxing music cds...instrumental music, jazz or waltzes, relaxing music. After the bath, spoil yourself! Massage the body! Put your favorite lotion on, all over your body. Try vainilla or rose scented lotions. They are my favorite! make sure you moisturize every inch of your body! Notice how you feel when you wake up! Your skin will feel oh so silky smooth! And you will smell great too! Feeling this good will help you start a brand new day more happy! Smiling and stress free! Make sure you turn appliances, radios, tv off, before you go to sleep. Or better yet, unplug them so you don't get the EMF waves going all over your bedroom. They can disrrupt your sleep. Keep the cell phone turned off or out of your bedroom. Radiation is not healthy for the human body. Make sure you don't have any distractions so you can get 8 to 10 hours of good sleep. Let go of all worries, anger, stress that you accumulated during the day, erase them from your mind, before you go to sleep. Try sleeping on satin sheets or velvet covers. They feel great on silky smooth skin! And keep a dream journal and a pen by your bed. You might get some amazing dreams while you are getting some good sleep! You can have lucid dreams, or some vivid and amazing dreams. Make sure you write the dreams down as soon as you wake up, so you don't forget them. You can always try to interpret them later. Lately I been dreaming in vivid color. And some of my beautiful dreams turned out to be some of my new wonderful paintings! And some ideas for wild characters, I get them from dreams as well. You will be amazed at the symbolism you get in dreans. I love looking at dream dictionaries to help me find the meanings of the dreams I had. Try getting some good sleep for thirty days, journal it in a diary, write down how you feel, are you improving your life? Are you feeling more relaxed? Some people swear that they can get solutions to their problems by getting good sleep. Sometimes the solutions will appear in the dream itself. So why not try it? Wake up refreshed, energized and have a good breakfast. And some freshly made fruit juice. And start your day refreshed and energized! You deserve it! :) Wishing you health, blessings and prosperity!