Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hindu Goddess and Lady Godiva Aceo XR by Sofianime

Hindu Love Goddess! Click
 the link to see it uncensored! 
 Hello everyone! I have new Aceo XR and mermaid art listed!
Go check it out before it is all gone!
Click on the links below to see it all! :)

hindu love goddess by Sofianime Aceo XR Original Painting

lady godiva aceo xr Original Watercolor Painting

island dreams rainbow mermaid watercolor painting postcard

sexy vampirella sketch card Elisa Chong 1/1 Original Watercolor Painting

Arabian Nights Belly Dancer Mermaid Postcard watercolor art  Elisa Chong

Ruby Red Bellydancer Mermaid Watercolor Art Postcard
Lady Godiva Aceo XR Style Painting! The original is uncensored!

Sofianime Aceo XR Redhead Woman Big Booooobs Original Art

Sofianime Aceo XR Original Sexy Blonde Nude Angel

Sofianime Aceo XR Sexy Red Thong Nude Woman Original

Sofianime Aceo XR Sexy Wink Blonde Woman Buns Original

And here is a sneak preview on what I am working on!
A personal sketch card of X-men's Rogue! I still need to ink her 
and add juicy bits to the art ;) 
Personal Sketch card of X-men's Rogue!
Work in progress! 

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Have an awesome day everyone! Big shout out goes to all my fans and friends all over the world!
Much love to you all!
~Sofianime :)