Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Aceo XR art listings by Sofianime! :)

Hi everyone!
 I have been super busy painting a lot of mermaid original aceos in watercolors, and new Aceo XR art too. They are selling fast, so I need to create more for my awesome fans and art collectors all over the world to enjoy. :)

 Thank you so much once again for being so awesome and supporting my art. You all are the best!

Now go check out all the new art. I have over 200 items listed and more on the way. So bookmark this page, because I will be adding more art here very soon!
Now, onto the new art:

Aceo XR original new paintings:

Blonde Nude girl with juicy melons!

Shy nude blonde angel girl

Nude Woman Raw Ink Tattoo Art Aceo XR by Sofianime

Sexy Vampirella Red Thong Nude Sketch Card by Sofianime

Blonde Nude Cute Girl with Big Boobs Hentai Aceo XR

Nude Blonde Woman Hentai Anime Aceo XR

Sexy Slave Girl Nude Olivia Aceo XR Sofianime

Sexy Red Love Bunny Burlesque Anthro Furry Hentai Art

Cute Nude Blonde Angel Butt Aceo XR by Sofianime

Sexy Nude Blonde Woman Pink Thong Aceo XR by Sofianime

Psc Original Watercolor Sketch Cards by Sofianime

Sexy Witchblade Original Watercolor Sketch Card Psc by Sofianime 1/1

X-men White Queen Sketch Card Sexy Lingerie Aceo XR by Sofianime

New mermaid original aceo painting starting at $10.88!

Cute Pink Mermaid Original Aceo Mrmd Sofianime

Be sure to check out my really naughty, nude and sexy hentai anime and fetish original Aceo XR paintings exclusively at my new store here:
Aceo XR by Sofianime Store

Enjoy the art! Add them to your art collection today! Before they are gone! 
I need to get back to the drawing board and finish a lot of commissions and projects. Have a fabulous day! See you all soon!

~Sofianime :) 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What is Aceo XR by Sofianime?

Blonde girl with juicy melons!

Aceo XR by Sofianime?

I had a lot of fans who asked me what Aceo XR means. These are the Aceos that have nude, sexy, fun, naughty, fetish and erotic art content in them.

Some can be pin-ups, some can be nude fanart of comic book or video game characters, even cartoons or anime characters.

It started on Ebay and now can be found everywhere online.
They are fun and addictive to create and to collect.

Fans all over the world love this type of art.
Just google the words ACEO XR online, and see all the results you get.

Sofianime is yours truly. This is the nickname I am known for online,
since I started showing my art online as a fan artist in, way back in 1998.

The Aceo XR art I create, are inspired by my fun and overactive imagination.
And some are also created thanks to my friend M.
Have you ever had a friend who clicks with you and you both have naughty minds
and you can talk about anything?  Thanks to M, we brainstorm and come up with
so many fun ideas that I end up turning into fun Aceo XR paintings.
Thank you M, love your fun, funny and wicked imagination! ^_~!

If you want to see my newest naughty art, all you need to do is
search the word SOFIANIME in any search engine
to find my newest art online. Enjoy it!

Oh yes, be sure to follow my BLOG, so you do not miss out on the newest
previews of my Aceo XR art.  I love creating art that makes people feel good!
And I will have new art up every week or so.
Bookmark this blog so you don't miss out one any of my fun little paintings!

So what have I been up to lately?

First of all,  Hi everyone! :D
Just wanted to share with you some of my newest Aceo XR original paintings:

Nude Sexy Cheetara Thundercats Cartoon Original Sketch card by Sofianime

Aceo XR Nude sexy Bush Monika Red Head Girl original by Sofianime

Aceo XR Nude Chun Li Street Fighter Capcom Sketch card Psc by Sofianime

Aceo XR nude blonde girl fishnet bodysuit sexy red lips

Aceo XR sexy Nude Cursed Mummy Hunter Woman Hieroglyphs ancient Egypt Original Art

Aceo XR Sexy Nude Psylocke X-men Psc Hentai Anime Cartoon 1/1

Aceo XR sexy Fun White Queen X-men Emma Frost Comic Book Art Cartoon

Aceo XR Sexy Blue Catgirl Anthro Furry Anime Manga Bdsm Mistress Whip Cuffs by Sofianime

Aceo XR Sexy Blonde Flasher Girl original Watercolor by Sofianime

Aceo XR Bettie Page set of three sketch cards by Sofianime

I have been super busy working on a lot of larger paintings and commissioned art.
If you would like me to draw your favorite super hero, comic book or video game character
in a sketch card, be sure to contact me, I would be most happy to create them for you!

You can even challenge me with any character you like. :)
I will put you in my queue list, I got a lot of commissions requests, so I am working on them
as I go. First come, first serve. No pun intended. :)

For the Aceo XR that I create, you will see camel toes, red cherries, cute bushes and 
juicy clams and lips. ;)
They are usually censored in the listings, but the actual aceo paintings will be
uncensored when they are shipped to you.

I also finished a larger mermaid painting, the paper I used was poster sized, very large, so
I had to paint it standing up. It was a lot of fun, I got to burn some calories and dance to
my favorite anime and techno music on  my Ipod. :) You need to see me when I have my dancing shoes on. I can tango, bellydance and dance the whole night! Yes, I love to have a little too much fun when I create art and in everything I do in life. :)

I took a lot of pics of that mermaid painting, and I  need to get my photos sorted out so I can show
you how it turned out. I will say it was a very colorful painting!

Angels and Demons Sketch Cards! 

I also created eight unique sketch cards for the Angels and Demons set for Marty and Boo cards. And the set has already sold out! Thank you so much, fans, for collecting my sketch cards! Best of luck to the ones
who pull these cards! I had so much fun painting them! It was hard for me to part with these cards, they were some of my favorite Aceos! But I know they are going to awesome art collectors.

Please enjoy them very much! :)

This week, I been craving marinated artichokes. They are so yummy on freshly made bread and a
little spicy mayonnaise, or tossed with Italian pasta with a cheesy Alfredo sauce, with capers and black olives. Yum! I am also a chef when I am not creating paintings, I am creating delicious recipes in the kitchen.
If you could be here, you would be smelling all the delicious aromas coming out of my kitchen. :)

  Ok, I need to get back to the drawing board. Enjoy the art!
And add the Aceos to your art collection today!
Have an awesome day!
~Sofianime :D