Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Witchblade, Vampirella, Mermaid and Catgirl Aceos!

Hi everyone!

I have been super busy lately with a lot of commissioned work, and character designs to create.
I finally had a chance to catch up on some sleep! I wish I was like my kitty, who gets to sleep all day long! :) But I have a lot of art to finish.
I would like to show you my new aceos! Many of the fanart aceos were created as challenges given to my by my fans. I had a lot of fun creating fanart, I hope you all enjoy the new art! :)
Sexy Witchblade Original Aceo Sketch Card
Sexy Blonde Bunny Girl Aceo

Blonde Sunset Roses Mermaid Aceo

White Blonde Catgirl Aceo

Inked Egyptian Queen Mermaid Postcard

Sexy Vampirella 2 Original Aceo Sketch Card

Blonde Mermaid Art Noveau Style Painting

I also have many more new nude Aceo XR art, also on ebay, to see more, click on my id: Sexyartgirl

Here is a sneak preview of one of my newest paintings. I am having fun with the soothing smooth lines created with my Sakura Micron Pens. I am debating if I should make her hair blonde or pink?

So, be sure to collect the new Aceos! They are going fast!
Add them to your art collection today!
And thank you so much to all of my art collectors all over the world! You all are the best! I am so happy you like the art so much! :)

Check out even more cool mermaid art from my sister group of artists at:

Enjoy the art and have an awesome day, everyone! I will talk to you all later!Sending much love to everyone! :D
~Elisa Chong