Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vampirella, Bettie Page and catgirl Aceo art!

Greetings, fanboys and fangirls!  :)
I have been super busy this month working on some new commissioned paintings, logos and character design this month. I am  going to need some sleep! Lol. But I am having so much fun creating new art, while listening to my favorite anime and video game music on my Ipod!
Here is a sneak preview of my newest Aceo paintings:

Click here to see the finished painting:
Mistress Bettie Page Original Aceo

                                                         Sexy Vampirella Original Aceo

 And Blue Catgirl Original Aceo
                             Sexy Guy Marcus, one of my original characters.
                             See the full painting here:
                             Sexy Gigolo Marcus Original SFA Painting

And to the left is a preview of my Seashell Hunter Mermaid. Work in Progress. It is one of those paintings where I am taking my time to figure out the colors I will use for it Once they come to my mind. Sometimes I end up staring at the inked piece, trying to figure out what colors will look good on her.
Enjoy the art and I will talk to you all very soon!

Sending much love to everyone! Have an awesome day! Enjoy the art!
~Sofi! :)