Friday, August 16, 2013

Slash and Aerosmith fanart by Elisa Chong for auctions!

Hi everyone! two of my original fanart paintings are up for auction on ebay for a very good cause!

The paintings were created for the charity.

Slash and Steve Tyler from Aerosmith were and still are some of my most favorite artists to listen to. I been listening to their awesome music since the 1990's! Remember all the fun MTV videos? Those were some good old days! :) Keep on rocking!

Get these awesome paintings before they are gone!

These paintings were created with pencil, waterproof inks, colorful watercolor paints and glitter gel paints. They look even more colorful and detailed when held in your hands! More than six hours went into creating each one of these paintings.

Here is a quick preview of the pencil and ink sketch that started the 8x10 inch  paintings:

And here is the finished paintings in full color:

Please enjoy the art very much!

Want to check out more of my new art? check out enjoy!

I also have an Original Witchblade Personal Sketch Card listed on Ebay
to find my newest auction listings online, search: sexyartgirl on ebay or google me: Sofianime

Enjoy the art! :)

I need to get back to the drawing board. I am finishing up sketch card art for Beyond Stoker's Dracula for , Moonshine Missies and Island Dreams 3 art for Island Dreams Sketchcards.
I am going to need more iced green tea with lemon, to stay awake and paint for hours nonstop! :)

I am also listening to fun anime music while painting almost ten hours nonstop! I have a lot of art that needs to be finished. :)
This song is from one of my most favorite anime series: Cowboy bebop. I love listening to fun music while I paint for many hours. I am also enjoying croissant sandwiches with ripe tomatoes and onion... and marinated artichokes!

Ok, have an awesome day, everyone! see you all soon! I will have some new art to show in my next blog post, so stay tuned!
~Elisa Chong :)

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Bridget said...

hey girlfriend, they came out great...good luck with the auction