Saturday, August 24, 2013

new Aceo XR fun art by Sofianime! :) and mermaid painting preview!

Hello fans! I have new sexy fun Aceo XR art listed!
Click on the links to see the juicy art!

Aceo XR Nude Sexy Vampirella Original Sketch Card Watercolor Painting by Sofianime

Aceo XR Cheetara Nude Thundercats by Sofianime Original Cartoon Painting NSFW 

Aceo XR Nude Red Head Woman Rose Bouquet by Sofianime Original Watercolor Painting 

Aceo XR Bettie Page Sketch Card Nude Leather Fetish Painting by Sofianime 

Aceo Amethyst Mermaid Blue Sea Roses Original Painting Sofianime Mrmd 

Aceo XR Bushy Monika Red Head Woman by Sofianime NSFW 

Aceo XR Chun Li Nude Street Fighter Original Fanart by Sofianime NSFW 

Aceo XR Sexy Nude Blonde Smile Woman Sofianime 

Aceo XR Nude Blonde Woman Big Melons Sofianime NSFW 

Aceo XR Sexy Nude Woman Blonde Fishnet Bodysuit Painting NSFW 

Aceo XR Sexy Nude Woman Cursed Mummy Hunter Sofianime NSFW 

Aceo XR Psylocke X-men Sketch Card Sexy Nude Sofianime 

Aceo XR Sexy Nude Blonde Mermaid Sofianime 

 Aceo XR Sexy Nude Red Head Woman Sofianime 

Aceo XR Nude Redhead Woman Rose wedding Bouquet Sofianime NSFW 

Aceo XR Sexy Nude Blonde Woman Tasty Vanilla Ice Cream Sofianime 

As always, thank you so much, my fans for loving the Aceo XR paintings! I have so much fun painting the art! Please enjoy collecting them very much! Wait until you own the Aceo cards and hold them in your hands... you are going to love all the little details in every painting! :)

I just finished working on Beyond Stoker's Dracula Sketch Cards. Can't wait to show them soon! :)

This week I am working on the island dreams 3 sketch cards and the larger 4x6 inch cards. Here is a quick preview of the pencils and inks. I am having a lot of fun, listening to my favorite anime and videogame music as I paint these!
Pencil Sketch Preview for island Dreams 3 by Sofianime

Just sharing these two photos so you can see the pencil lines, and then the ink lines I drew on the art. Penciling the art usually takes me one to two hours, to get the idea on paper. Then I carefully ink the image, where it can take me two or more hours, to make the ink lines look good! :)

And here is the second painting work in progress:

This one I penciled and inked in sections, adding details here and there, as inspiration strikes me, to make it into a very pretty painting. I like working from front to back of the image, adding details, and some of my favorite symbols and images into the art.

Still a work in progress. I will show more soon. Usually the biggest challenge I have after inking the mermaid art is, what colors to use for the painting? that is when I start listening to my favorite anime and video game music that I get inspired and the fun colors flow from my imagination to the painting.

Ok, I need to get back to the drawing board and continue working on these paintings! :)

Have a great weekend, everyone! Enjoy the art and see you all soon!

~Elisa Chong :)

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