Monday, June 24, 2013

Check out the new fun Aceo XR art! :)

Hi everyone! did you miss me?
I have been super busy, working on a lot of commissioned art, new mermaid paintings and new sketch cards too! I am so happy to be in my studio, with the air conditioner on, away from the Arizona summer heat,
working on a lot of new art, and listening to fun techno music! :)

<---- a="" facebook="" fans="" for="" have="" href="" i="" my="" target="_blank" this="">cute catgirl original aceo on sale!
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Click the links to see my new Aceo XR art!

aceo xr sexy fun burlesque stripper nude blonde woman Sofianime

aceo xr sexy nude blonde woman fun pearls sofianime

aceo xr sexy nude blonde woman big melons Sofianime

aceo xr nude psylocke x-men sketch card Sofianime 1/1

Aceo sexy bellydancer mermaid ruby red sofianime

Even more Aceo XR art is here! Click the links below!

Aceo XR naughty spider woman original painting sofianime

Aceo XR nude blonde woman bound sofianime

Aceo XR sexy nude Bettie Page original painting sofianime

Aceo XR sexy nude Vampirella original painting sofianime

Aceo XR sexy nude Cheetara Thundercats original painting sofianime

Enjoy the new Aceo XR art! Have an awesome summer! I will see you all soon with more new art!
~Elisa :)


Newskewl said...

Your artwork is still as beautiful as ever! I'm sorry to contact you after so long, but I just found a piece of jewelry in my shop that was custom made for you by your friend in South America. If this is a sentimental piece that you would like back, please let me know. Otherwise. I wish you the best.

Newskewl said...
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sofianime said...

HI Newskewl, I somehow lost your message! please message me again, I have a question about the jewelry. Thanks!