Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wishing you a happy earth day!

Hi everyone! Just wishing everyone a happy earth day. Sofi is going green today! :) I am also doing my part, by saving energy and recycling and reusing paper. I don't like to waste paper, so I am very careful at reusing and saving paper for my drawing projects, so I don't throw away good paper. I like recycling paper that I used for sketches. I was also doing some research on green auras today, since I have been very attracted to the color green lately. I have been wearing green clothes too. Apple green looks great on me. :) From what I researched, the color green symbolizes balance, harmony and peace. That is how I am feeling at the moment. The color green shows us that if we let our feelings and emotions out, we can achieve balance and harmony. If we bottle our feelings inside, we will just create problems in our life. Bottled emotional energy will be stuck in our bodies, turn negative and deplete us of our life energy. I love seeing all the greens in my garden and the beautiful blooming flowers. It always brings me a lot of peace and relaxation. It also helps bring out my creativity and gives me ideas for my next projects. I always love to draw flowers in many of the paintings I create. I love painting flowers, and also, I love drawing roses the most. My creative side is having fun today. To add to the going green theme, besides wearing green today, I am having green tea and cooking green foods, such as salads and stir frys. I am also going to do a painting in soothing greens later. My green drink recipe of the day: Iced green milk tea Mix freshly brewed green tea with sugar or honey to taste. Pour into a tall glass with ice cubes, filling it half ways. Top with half and half or milk. Stir and enjoy. :) I have been painting by candlelight lately. It saves on energy and also adds a distinctive touch to my watercolored paintings. This is going to be fun. An idea to draw a green tailed mermaid has just popped into my head. Off to the drawing board I go! I will see you all later! ~Elisa :)

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