Sunday, April 27, 2008

The law of attraction according to Sofi!

(This is my newest illustration, guardian Angel Alexxia holding a peace rose. It was created as a special original painting, a thank you card for Kerrie O'connor, a wonderful soul I am blessed to have met. The painting is 8.5 by 11 inches in size, inks and watercolors on Bristol board)

The law of attraction according to Sofi :)
After listening to (they were talking about the law of attraction for many years before it became wildly popular) I learned so much more about it, and I love this philosophy! I have been doing more research about this subject, and metaphysics lately. When my brain gets tired of drawing, I do research. I find it to be very interesting! This is what I understand and learned from it so far:

1) what you think of, you attract into your ask of the universe for what you want, and the universe gives it to you. The universe listens to our emotions, the feelings attached to our wants. So when we ask for what we want, we must really feel it and ask for it with intention! And the universe gives us what we want. You must be specific though, about what you want, don't be vague, so the universe can get it for you.

2) Be aware of your emotions, positive or negative. Pay attention to what you think about. If you think negative thoughts, you will attract to you negative people and experiences into your life. But if you think positive thoughts, you will attract positive people and positive experiences into your life. It really is as simple as: like attracts like.

3) You are always creating and recreating your reality every minute of your life with your choices. Know that you have free will and free choice. You have the power to change your life by the choices you make. It is very important to take action, to achieve what you want. You must choose it.

4) Always thank the universe for everything you have and all the exciting and amazing experiences you are having. Give thanks and ask for more. And more will be given to you. Count all of your blessings and ask for more! Be thankful for everything you have, your friends, your life, your health, the exciting things that happen in your life everyday, and be thankful to the universe for what it keeps giving you!I also love writing in a gratitude journal. I give thanks for every exciting experience I have everyday. Sometimes the universe likes to send you a surprise or two. Learn to see them! They can bring a smile to your face and make your day!

5) besides being thankful, give back to your community. Pass it on. Share a little of your good luck with those who need it. It doesn't always have to be giving money, but things that you don't need or have too much of, your time, share your knowledge, share a smile, being a friend, being supportive of others, etc. It feels so good to give and share, and at the same time, you are creating more abundance and joy in your life and in the live of others. :) Know that you are helping make the world a little better for everyone each time you share.

6) Stay positive. Think positive thoughts. Try not to think of negative thoughts, change them into positive affirmations! This will help attract more prosperity into your life!Start loving yourself more! Increase your self esteem! Feel blessed and thankful for every blessing that has come your way! Stay positive, ask for what you want, and watch it manifest in your life. Keep your energy positive, for the positive vibrations are sent to the universe, and the universe goes and gets you what you want. What you think about yourself, that is how others perceive you as. If you think you are confident, others will see you as confident. If you see yourself as not good enough, people will see you as that too! but you first must let go of all your emotional baggage! Clear all the negative emotions you have from your past. And take action towards your goals and keep focused on what you truly want. Focus on more positive stuff! Try some emotional healing, and watch how fast you can manifest great things into your life.

Feel the joy. Feel the prosperity around you. Keep this wonderful cycle going. Observe that you start attracting more positive people and great situations into your life. Try to stay positive as much as you can. Change any negative thought into a positive affirmation. Start noticing how you start attracting more friends, people, and circumstances into your life that are like you, and think the same way you are thinking! It started happening for me already. I hope it starts happening for you too! Enjoy it! :)

~Elisa :)

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