Friday, April 4, 2008

My favorite art supplies!

Hi everyone! Many fans have asked me in emails what type of art supplies I use. Here is my answer: 1) Disposable mechanical pencils, 0.05mm in size. I love sketching and making thumbnails of my paintings with these. They work great on many types of paper, I specially like bristol board. 2) Koh-I-Noor ink pens. I love inking my art with these pens, I can ink the smallest details in my art with them. I love using the waterproof inks by Koh-I- Noor as well, because they are acid free, waterproof on paper and film and archival safe. Plus they are very economical compared to disposable ink pens. These are my favorite pens to ink with, I have been using them for over ten years. 3) Sakura Koi Watercolors. I love how bright and colorful these watercolors are. They are my favorite brand of watercolors to use, for my mermaid paintings. The paint is also very smooth, and goes nicely on bristol board. 4) Bristol board. I love using this type of paper for my original paintings and illustrations. Coming from a comic book artist background, I always loved drawing and painting on bristol board. It is very smooth and bright, and the best part, it is acid free. 5) Glittery gel paints. I love to use these to enhance the look of my original paintings. The glittery fine dust adds an extra layer of magic to every painting. The paints I use are also acid free and archival safe. 6) Kneaded eraser. I prefer them instead of other eraser, because they don't leave eraser dust all over the painting. I sketch lightly on the bristol board, so it is easy to erase later. 7) Sakura Micron Ink Pens. I love using these when I am painting while travelling. I found out the Koh-I-Noor pens will leak ink if you drive around with them, with ink still in the pens. (I always keep them now in a ziploc bag just to be safe!) But when I travel, I take the micron pens with me. I love the very fine tip, which is great for inking aceos. 8) Sketchbooks. I never leave home without them! You never know when a good idea can strike! That is why I always carry a sketchbook with me, wherever I go. Sometimes a quick sketch or idea can become one of my newest paintings! And I am always full of great new ideas for my paintings. 9) Prismacolor color pencils. I have been drawing since I was a very young child, and these are my most favorite brand of color pencils. I love how soft they are, and hot colorful they are. I love blending colors together, to create a glowing look to my characters. 10) Prismacolor Markers. I love using them for marker rendering in my illustrations. The colors are very bright and the finish is so smooth! And I like the double tips. From my background as a comic book artist, and collector and illustrator, I always make sure I am using art supplies that are acid free and won't harm the finished paintings in the years to come. I keep the original artworks protected in special sturdy acid free plastic sleeves and special clear plastic bags. If you have any questions, please do let me know! I gotta get back to the drawing board and work on more new paintings. See you all later! ~Elisa :)

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