Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Just wanted to wish all my fans and friends a Happy Halloween, from yours truly and my Gothic Vampire mermaid. We salute you all with a glass of a delicious drink, which I can assure you it is not pinot noir and tastier than a sangria.:)

I will be showing a few new paintings very soon! I am working on a few new watercolors, and taking the weekend off to relax from working too many hours.
I am enjoying a lot of horror movies, like The Mummy, Cursed (which has Fringe's Peter in it, kind of cool) and other fun, spooky movies!

~Elisa :)


Beth Niquette said...

I can't watch a scary movie unless the sound is off! lol Tch tch tch!

Your work as always is striking!

Rick said...

Happy (belated) Halloween to you to - and merry November! We're still watching scary movies, I think we fell behind during October. Saw several "new oldies" this year - from the 30s - psychological thrillers of the day. Fun!

Dr Fostes said...

watsup sophia how is your life going. you never know you are a reason of my many inspirations i use

sofianime said...

I love scary and funny movies! I can watch them all year long! :) I also love Tales From them Crypt. That was fun to watch!
Hey Zammi, Lil bro! How have you been?
I am off to create more cool paintings. Have a good one, everyone! ~Elisa