Sunday, December 25, 2016

Sofianime Amazon Wishlist and a Merry Xmas!

Konnichiwaaaa minnna-san! :)

Hello my lovely fans all over the world!
Thank you so much to my old time awesome fans, for the surprise xmas gifts you sent me in the mail! I love them! :) arigatou! <3 p="">
as you all know, I love receiving presents all year long! :D
I love excit8ng happy surprises! anytime!

Arigatouuu gozaimasss! *bows*

Thank you! thank you! thank you! to my awesome fabulous fans for your gifts! you know who you are! ;)

And for my new fans (hello! so nice to meet you all!) :) who asked me what I want for Xmas?
Here is my Sofianime Amazon Wishlist! 

I really want the Tekken 7 Fatal Retribution game! Fans, preorder it for me and as a thank you I will draw and paint you any character you want, fantasy art, comic book art or videogame art, on an original aceo sketch card or a 4x6 inch size art.

In fact, get me anything from my wishlist and my offer stands! I will draw an original painting, aceo or  4x6 inches in size just for you, as a thank you! :)

Get me any product from Namco and I will be your best friend forever! ;)

Private message me here on blogger or on my facebook page! and I will be most happy to create some sweet awesome art for you! :) thank you!

 Yes, for those who asked, I am a huge fan of the Tekken series. I been a fanatic since Tekken 3. :)

After watching the tekken7 intro and the tekken 7 FR intro movie, one has to wonder how is Kazuya Mishima related to Akuma? That glowing eye! hmmm....
 How will the Mishima Saga end? Inquiring minds are anxious to know!

Right now I am enjoying some of my favorite Namco sound team techno music, this is the playlist I have on, on youtube. I been listening to it almost ten hours nonstop (I love my new wireless headphones!)  as I work on some big projects. Been so busy working on projects, I haven't had time to catch up on sleep. Ummm, what is sleep again?

Just bring me a huge pitcher of iced coffee... I am going to need it. SO much stuff to do! I'll take a huge tray of sushi and sashimi too! and cheesecake! :3 I love to nibble on yummy food while I paint and create art. :)

This is why I haven't had a chance to post in my blog for a while! I miss chatting with you, my awesome fans and friends! :) I been so busy! n_n;;

But don't worry! I do have new fantasy art, and also Sofianime Aceo XR art to show you very soon!
(I am inking and painting new art as we speak)

In fact, join my newsletter here, to be the first to see my newest xr art. I have a series that will not be show online at all, (it's a little bit too naughty to be shown online!) but will be for your eyes only, my dear fans! ;)

And I will have freebies and promos and contests too,so be sure to join in my mailing list, to be part of all the fun! :)

Wishing everyone all over the world a Merry Xmas, and a happy new year!
Sending you all much love!
Thank you so much for all the gifts and lovely messages! My fans, you are the best!
Sofianime loves you all very long time! :D

Ok gotta get back to the drawing board, dance to the fun music, and get more work done!

Au revoir mes amis! :D


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