Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Aceo XR paintings!

Hi everyone! :)
I have new original Aceo paintings listed!
Check them out below:

Aceo XR Nude Redhead Tasty Cream

Aceo XR Nude Tasty Cream Red Head Girl 2

Aceo XR Nude sexy smiling rose faerie

Aceo Cute Blonde Mermaid Mrmd

Aceo XR Pinup Girl Red head Vanilla Ice cream cone

XR Nude Blonde Girl in the Rose Garden Small Format Painting

Aceo XR Nude Sexy Brunette Girl Sarah

Aceo XR Nude Fun Naughty Bikini Girls

Aceo XR Sweet Vampirella Original Painting

Aceo XR Sexy Vampirella Original Painting

See  more New ACEO XR ART here!

I also have new Blonde Mermaid Aceo Paintings at:

Enjoy the new art!

Own your favorite Aceo paintings before they are gone!

I am super busy working on new blonde mermaid art and some comic book illustration art this week.
Will show some previews soon!
In the meantime, enjoy some of my new Mermaid Canvas Art Prints here!

To all of my awesome art collectors all over the world, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for collecting my art! :D
I am so happy to know that you all are enjoying the art so much!
Love you all! Enjoy the new art! :)
I am always available for custom commissioned art! I can paint anything you like, from your favorite video game to comic book characters, to anime, etc! Simply contact me with your ideas and I will be most happy to create an awesome painting just for you! :D

Have an awesome day and I will talk to you all soon! :)
~Elisa Chong :D

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