Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mecha mermaid WIP

Hi everyone! Here is a sneak preview of my newest painting, a challenge from the sea gods mermaid group I belong to on Ebay. This month's challenge was to paint a mermaid in a mecha or steam punk style.
 Pencils took me four hours to complete, and the inking took ten hours, with a koh-I-noor pen. That is one of my favorite pens to use for inking my art.

Yes, the scales on her tail were painted one by one; And I am not done inking it yet! I have five more days to go to finish painting her, I hope I can finish it in time to be listed! Find me on Ebay as: sexyartgirl. Enjoy the preview! I just had yummy spicy yakisoba noodles and iced milk coffee. It puts me in a hyper mood to create art for over ten hours nonstop.
Don't miss out my new goodies at: my zazzle!
See my new mermaid paintings!
Off to the drawing board I go.
Have a great day! Many blessings! :)

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Beth Niquette said...

What a buxom lass! Beautifully done! I'm working on my entries, too. Can hardly wait to see what everyone comes up with!