Friday, May 16, 2008

Why Sofi loves juicing!

I always love to make and drink my own fresh fruit juices everyday, because they are refreshing, tasty, nutritious and so good for you! I cannot start my day without a great glass of freshly made juice! Why do I love fresh fruit juices? 1)They are so tasty! refreshing! Every different type of fruit has a different and delightful taste! You must try tasting these juices! They are way better than any type of canned or bottled juice out there, even better than sodas! Plus you don't get the high fructose corn syrup, preservatives or artificial colorants that you get from processed bottled juices. Fresh juices are great for your children and the entire family. 2)Freshly made fruit juices are very nutritious and good for you! Full of enzymes and vitamins and nutrients that help strengthen your immune system and stay healthy. They make your skin and hair look good and the body feel great! Watch how energized you will feel after drinking a glass of freshly made fruit juices. Do something great for yourself, and start juicing! What I mean by freshly made fruit juices is that you blend it or extract the juice out of the fruit when you want to drink it. This way you get all the fresh vitamins and nutrients from the fruits, and absorbing them into your body. 3)They are very quick to make! Faster than cooking a meal! You can use a blender to blend fresh fruit chunks with milk and ice for a quick smoothie, or extract the juice out of fruits and vegetables with a juicer, like the Jack Lalanne one. I have been using one of them for a few years, and I love it! You won't believe how delicious the juices taste! I mix fruits and vegetables. One glass keeps me energized the whole day! It takes me about five minutes or so to make a batch of juice. Quicker than cooking a meal! Make sure you pick the freshest fruits for juicing. Even better if you can pick them off the tree in your backyard. If not, get the fruits at the supermarket. 4) juices are easier and faster to absorb by the body than solid foods. It is a quick way to nourish the body! There are so many different fruits and so many different tastes! Go out there and try them all! I recently found out that Goya carries frozen tropical fruit pulp, in the freezer section of your ethnic grocery stores. I love buying them because they have no sugar added, and you can make delicious juices, slushies and smoothies with them! My favorite are the pink guava and passion fruit pulp. You can even use them to make some delicious cocktails too! Try making a pink guava smoothie: mix a bag of the pink guava pulp with 1 cup milk, add sugar or honey or stevia to taste, ice cubes and blend it in a blender until smooth. Pour into a glass and enjoy! If you can find fresh guavas, use them, cut into pieces, instead of the frozen pulp, but remember to strain the seeds out after blending, before drinking it. The taste is unbelievably delicious! Try to get into the habit of drinking at least a glass of fresh juice (not bottled or processed) everyday. And watch how your body feels after thirty days! Start nourishing your body with good fruit juices. So you can live long, prosper and enjoy all the great successes in your life! Cheers to your good health! :) ~Elisa :)

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